Research Interests (General)

My main research focus is on design and analysis of complex surveys. My broader interests also cover semiparametric and nonparametric methods, including empirical likelihood methods, resampling techniques, imputation for missing data, pretest-posttest study designs and causal inference, econometric modeling and estimation using survey data, and methods for analyzing non-probability and biased samples.


Research Projects (Examples)

Challenges and Emerging Issues in Official Statistics and Survey Methodology (supported by NSERC, 2020-2025).

Modern Techniques for Survey Sampling and Complex Data (supported by CANSSI CRT, 2020-2022).

Efficiency, Sparsity and Validity in Analyzing Complex Survey Data (supported by NSERC, 2015-2020).

Statistical Inference for Complex Surveys with Missing Observations (supported by CANSSI CRT, 2015-2018).

The International Tobacco Control (ITC) Policy Evaluation Project China Survey (since 2005).

Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, Statistical Methodology (since 2009)

Statistical Methods for Complex Survey Data (supported by MITACS, 2003-2011).

Design and Analysis for the Expanded Survey of Divisions 3LNO (supported by Fisheries Products International Ltd., Canada, 2001-2002).


Research Collaborators (Excluding Students)

Derek Bingham, Simon Fraser University
Jiahua Chen, University of British Columbia
Sixia Chen, University of Oklahoma
Richard Cook, University of Waterloo
Geoffrey Fong, University of Waterloo
Cindy Fu, York University
Malay Ghosh, University of Florida
Peisong Han, University of Michigan
David Haziza, University of Ottawa
Jaekwang Kim, Iowa State University
Pengfei Li, University of Waterloo
Wilson Lu, Acadia University
Yongsong Qin, Guangxi Normal University
J.N.K. Rao, Carleton University
Hiroshi Saigo, Waseda University
Randy Sitter, Simon Fraser University
Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University
Mary Thompson, University of Waterloo
Guoliang Tian, Southern University of Science and Technology
Min Tsao, University of Victoria
Steven Wang, York University
Suojin Wang, Texas A&M University
Bixia Xu, Wilfrid Laurier University
Leilei Zeng, University of Waterloo
Jiwei Zhao, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Puying Zhao, Yunnan University
Yonggan Zhao, Dalhousie University
Grace Yi, University of Waterloo and Western University