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Pre-publication Manuscripts

Latest working papers posted online

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(2022) Quasi-convexity in mixtures for generalized rank-dependent functions (with Qinyu Wu).
(2022) E-backtesting (with Qiuqi Wang and Johanna Ziegel).
(2022) Efficiency of nonparametric e-tests (with Vladimir Vovk).
(2022) Choquet regularization for reinforcement learning (with Xia Han and Xunyu Zhou).
(2022) An unexpected stochastic dominance: Pareto distributions, catastrophes, and risk exchange (with Yuyu Chen and Paul Embrechts).
(2022) An axiomatic theory to anonymized risk sharing (with Zhanyi Jiao and Yang Liu).
(2022) Diversification quotients: Quantifying diversification via risk measures (with Xia Han and Liyuan Lin).
(2022) Merging sequential e-values via martingales (with Vladimir Vovk).
(2022) E-values as unnormalized weights in multiple testing (with Aaditya Ramdas).
(2022) Joint mixability and negative orthant dependence (with Takaaki Koike and Liyuan Lin).
(2022) Calibrating distribution models from PELVE (with Hirbod Assa and Liyuan Lin).
(2022) Post-selection inference for e-value based confidence intervals (with Aaditya Ramdas and Ziyu Xu).
(2022) A reverse Expected Shortfall optimization formula (with Yuanying Guan and Zhanyi Jiao).
(2022) Model aggregation for risk evaluation and robust optimization (with Tiantian Mao and Qinyu Wu).
(2022) Simultaneous optimal transport (with Zhenyuan Zhang).
(2021) A theory of multivariate stress testing (with Pietro Millossovich and Andreas Tsanakas).
(2021) Cash-subadditive risk measures without quasi-convexity (with Xia Han, Qiuqi Wang and Jianming Xia).
(2021) One axiom to rule them all: A minimalist axiomatization of quantiles (with Tolulope Fadina and Peng Liu).
(2021) A framework for measures of risk under uncertainty (with Tolulope Fadina and Yang Liu).
(2021) Risk concentration and the mean-Expected Shortfall criterion (with Xia Han, Bin Wang and Qinyu Wu).
(2020) Optimizing distortion riskmetrics with distributional uncertainty (with Silvana Pesenti and Qiuqi Wang).
(2020) Testing with p*-values: Between p-values, mid p-values, and e-values.
(2020) Dependence and risk attitudes: An equivalence (with Qinyu Wu).
(2020) Convolution bounds on quantile aggregation (with Jose Blanchet, Henry Lam and Yang Liu).
(2020) True and false discoveries with independent e-values (with Vladimir Vovk).
(2019) Confidence and discoveries with e-values (with Vladimir Vovk).
(2019) Self-consistency, subjective pricing, and a theory of credit rating (with Nan Guo, Steven Kou and Bin Wang).
(2017) A model-free continuum of degrees of risk aversion (with Tiantian Mao).

Refereed Articles


[84] (2022) Fractional stochastic dominance in rank-dependent utility and cumulative prospect theory. Journal of Mathematical Economics, forthcoming (with Tiantian Mao).
[83] (2022) An impossibility theorem on capital allocation. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal, forthcoming (with Yuanying Guan and Andreas Tsanakas).
[82] (2022) Star-shaped risk measures. Operations Research, forthcoming (with Erio Castagnoli, Giacomo Cattelan, Fabio Maccheroni and Claudio Tebaldi).
[81] (2021) PELVE: Probability equivalent level of VaR and ES. Journal of Econometrics, forthcoming (with Hengxin Li).
[80] (2021) Trade-off between validity and efficiency of merging p-values under arbitrary dependence. Statistica Sinica, forthcoming (with Yuyu Chen, Peng Liu and Ken Seng Tan).


[79] (2022) Inf-convolution, optimal allocations, and model uncertainty for tail risk measures. Mathematics of Operations Research, 47(3), 2494-2519 (with Fangda Liu, Tiantian Mao and Linxiao Wei).
[78] (2022) False discovery rate control with e-values. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B, 84(3), 822-852 (with Aaditya Ramdas).
[77] (2022) Parametric measures of variability induced by risk measures. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 106, 270-284 (with Fabio Bellini, Tolulope Fadina and Yunran Wei).
[76] (2022) The directional optimal transport. Annals of Applied Probability, 32(2), 1400-1420 (with Marcel Nutz).
[75] (2022) Admissible ways of merging p-values under arbitrary dependence. Annals of Statistics, 50(1), 351-375 (with Vladimir Vovk and Bin Wang).
[74] (2022) Optimal insurance to maximize RDEU under a distortion-deviation premium principle. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 104, 35-59 (with Xiaoqing Liang and Virginia Young).
[73] (2022) Variance comparison between Infinitesimal Perturbation Analysis and Likelihood Ratio estimators to stochastic gradient. Operations Research Letters, 50(2), 199-204 (with Zhenyu Cui and Yanchu Liu).
[72] (2022) Robustness in the optimization of risk measures. Operations Research, 70(1), 95-110 (with Paul Embrechts and Alexander Schied).
[71] (2022) Risk measures induced by efficient insurance contracts. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 103, 56-65 (with Qiuqi Wang and Ricardas Zitikis).
[70] (2022) Ordering and inequalities for mixtures on risk aggregation. Mathematical Finance, 32(1), 421-451 (with Yuyu Chen, Peng Liu and Yang Liu).
[69] (2022) Risk aggregation under dependence uncertainty and an order constraint. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 102, 169-187 (with Yuyu Chen and Liyuan Lin).
[68] (2022) Adjusted Expected Shortfall. Journal of Banking and Finance, 134, 106297 (with Matteo Burzoni and Cosimo Munari).


[67] (2021) A unified framework for bandit multiple testing. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2021), 16833-16845 (with Aaditya Ramdas and Ziyu Xu).
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[65] (2021) Competitive equilibria in a comonotone market. Economic Theory, 72, 1217-1255 (with Tim Boonen and Fangda Liu).
[64] (2021) Bayes risk, elicitability, and the Expected Shortfall. Mathematical Finance, 31, 1190-1217 (with Paul Embrechts, Tiantian Mao and Qiuqi Wang).
[63] (2021) Scenario-based risk evaluation. Finance and Stochastics, 25, 725-756 (with Johanna Ziegel).
[62] (2021) A theory for measures of tail risk. Mathematics of Operations Research, 46(3), 1109-1128 (with Fangda Liu).
[61] (2021) E-values: Calibration, combination, and applications. Annals of Statistics, 49(3), 1736-1754 (with Vladimir Vovk).
[60] (2021) Stochastic decomposition for p-norm symmetric survival functions on the positive orthant. Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 184, 104760 (with Jan-Frederik Mai).
[59] (2021) An axiomatic foundation for the Expected Shortfall. Management Science, 67(3), 1413-1429 (with Ricardas Zitikis).


[58] (2020) Combining p-values via averaging. Biometrika, 107(4), 791-808 (with Vladimir Vovk).
[57] (2020) Distortion riskmetrics on general spaces. ASTIN Bulletin, 50(4), 827-851 (with Qiuqi Wang and Yunran Wei).
[56] (2020) Risk functionals with convex level sets. Mathematical Finance, 30(4), 1337-1367 (with Yunran Wei).
[55] (2020) Characterization, robustness and aggregation of signed Choquet integrals. Mathematics of Operations Research, 45(3), 993-1015 (with Yunran Wei and Gordon Willmot).
[54] (2020) Characterizing optimal allocations in quantile-based risk sharing. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 93, 288-300 (with Yunran Wei).
[53] (2020) Quantile-based risk sharing with heterogeneous beliefs. Mathematical Programming, 181(2), 319-347 (with Paul Embrechts, Haiyan Liu and Tiantian Mao).
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[42] (2019) Random locations of periodic stationary processes. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 129(3), 878-901 (with Jie Shen and Yi Shen).


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2009 - 2012

[5] (2012) Jackknife empirical likelihood method for some risk measures and related quantities. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 51(1), 142-150 (with Liang Peng, Yongcheng Qi and Jingping Yang).
[4] (2012) Advances in complete mixability. Journal of Applied Probability, 49(2), 430-440 (with Giovanni Puccetti and Bin Wang).
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[1] (2009) A class of multivariate copulas with bivariate Frechet marginal copulas. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 45(1), 139-147 (with Yongcheng Qi and Jingping Yang).

Other Publications and Manuscripts

(2021) Discussion of 'Testing by betting: A strategy for statistical and scientific communication' by Glenn Shafer. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, 184(2), 463-464.
(2015) The most dangerous model: A natural benchmark for assessing model risk. Society of Actuaries Monograph: Enterprise Risk Management Symposium, 2015 (with John Major and Micah Woolstenhulme).



(2011) Sanguosha: the Royal Road (in Chinese). Publishing House of Electronics Industry, China. ISBN-9787121126833.