The PairViz R package

This is an R package by Catherine Hurley and myself, available from CRAN , Below are some additional materials on this package that might not be available on CRAN.


This is an interactive java application which displays eikosograms, useful for teaching probability.


Quail is a free extension to ANSI Common Lisp that runs on Macintoshes and Windows machines. More info can be had at the Quail site.

Data sets


Directory containing Quail-code described here.

S language

S is a statistical programming language developed at Bell Labs from the 1970s to the present time (see history of S ). Splus and R are statistical systems based on separate implementations of the S language. The department here has a page containing some useful information on the language and its R implementation.

Below is a bunch of code written mostly for classroom/course uses. It has been written in the S language and tested only in the R implementation of S.

For those who are new to S there are a few classic mistakes that can be easily made. Some of these are recorded here . For the more adventurous, take care to follow the scoping rules of S -- some examples .

Data sets


Directory containing R-code .