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Born in Beijing, citizen of China, permanent resident of Canada.
I was a competitive Starcraft Player in China.
National Third-place of card game Sanguosha in China, 2009.
One of my Starcraft II game videos has more than 700,000 views on YouTube.

(the most viewed Starcraft II game video by the end of 2011.)


Traveller's map (updated: December 2016)

Countries and territories (updated: July 2017)

East Asia China, South Korea, Russia, North Korea
West Asia Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey, UAE
North America Canada, USA, Mexico
Central America Cayman Islands, Cuba, Bahamas
South America Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Bolivia
Africa Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia
North Europe Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia
West Europe Germany, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK, Austria
East Europe Czech, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary
South Europe Italy, Spain, Greece, Vatican City
Antarctica Antarctica

Statistics (updated: July 2017)

Number of countries visited: 47
Number of countries where academic lectures were given: 16
Approximate time spent in each continent:

Asia ~26.5 years
North America ~5.5 years
Europe ~11 months
South America ~10 weeks
Africa ~6 weeks
Antarctica >0
*the above numbers do not necessarily add up to my age due to cumulative errors.

Random Stuff

PHD comics. Feel better about your own PhD life by looking at others'.
Past the point of no return, my favourate song in The Phantom of the Opera.
How to finish a Ph.D. by Matthias Schonlau at the University of Waterloo.
The Grammar According to West, tips for mathematical writing in English, by Douglas West at the University of Illinois.