Research areas

Mixture models

Asymptotic theory

Empirical likelihood

Experimental design

Brain-imaging data analysis

Smoothing technique

Inference under constraints

Research grants

NSERC Early Career Research Supplement, 2011-2014

NSERC, 2009-2014

Start-up grant, University of Waterloo, 2012-2014


Chunlin Wang, PhD student (From Sep. 2012 to now; Co-supervised with Dr. Paul Marriott)

Xiaoqing Niu, PhD student (From May 2009 to now; Co-supervised with Dr. Ivan Mizera)

Oludotun Akinlawon, MSc student (From Jan. 2010 to Dec. 2011; Co-supervised with Dr. Rohana Karunamuni)

Thesis: Controlling IER, EER, and FDR in replicated regular two-level factorial designs.

Current job: Data Technician/Analyst, University of Alberta